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Thread: The Pet Treats That Might Do More Harm Than Good

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    Default The Pet Treats That Might Do More Harm Than Good

    Eugene Bingham
    May 16 2021

    Pet foods widely sold as treats are suspected of causing a potentially deadly illness in dogs, experts warn.
    One of the country’s top veterinary nutrition scientists says he doesn’t feed his own dogs the imported dried jerky treats, and he wouldn’t advise other owners to either.
    “We’re not weighing a cost and a benefit,” says Associate Professor Dr Nick Cave, of Massey University’s School of Veterinary Sciences. “We’re weighing a risk with no reason to give that food at all, and there are so many other alternatives I would choose.

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    Default Re: The Pet Treats That Might Do More Harm Than Good

    Ew, I don't give those to my dog. I give her a treat after toenail cutting and after grooming but they are cookies or healthy chewies. I read the ingredients before I buy.
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    Default Re: The Pet Treats That Might Do More Harm Than Good

    I/we always share my/our noontime dinner meats, bones, and fats with our 14 Y.O. wire haired Griffon Pointer, Maggie, who so far appears to be in good health. She also has 24/7 access to an open pail of Pedigree or Purina dog food, available full time. Also, every now and then, I'll pressure cook about 4 lbs of chicken gizzards for myself, disabled SIL, and Maggie, as they make great snacks for all, though JUST us humans (not Maggie), dip them, hot or cold, in home made shrimp sauce using refrigerated Silver Spring horseradish with ketchup, and/or also organic Dijon mustard, priced very reasonable at Wally. And this week, the little "Yak" gets her annual summertime heat shearing, as she spends much time outdoors in a wide open, but safe and secure, area. CLOSE EXAMPLE of Maggie.

    PS: On more than one occasion, I have witnessed Maggie devouring small, young rabbit.
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