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Thread: Lemon Water Won't Detox Or Energise You. But It May Affect The Body In Other Ways

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    Default Lemon Water Won't Detox Or Energise You. But It May Affect The Body In Other Ways

    Evangeline Mantzioris
    May 6 2022

    If you believe anecdotes online, drinking lukewarm water with a splash of lemon juice is detoxifying, energising and soothing.
    Water and lemon juice on their own are healthy. But if you combine them, do they become healthier? The really quick answer is, no!
    Could drinking lemon water do you any long-lasting harm? It’s unlikely.

    It contains vitamin C, but do you need extra?
    Lemon juice contains vitamin C, a vital nutrient. We’ve long-known a vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy. This condition is most commonly associated with seafarers in history who had no access to fresh fruit and vegetables on long voyages.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Lemon Water Won't Detox Or Energise You. But It May Affect The Body In Other Ways

    This article can go well with the old, "Who in Their Right Mind Freezes Lemons" thread. Just make sure the lemons are organic where the skins haven't been chemically sprayed. And even if so, make sure to wash the edible skins as well.
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