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Thread: Can A Single Foodstuff Have Amazing Health Benefits

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    Default Can A Single Foodstuff Have Amazing Health Benefits

    Gunter Kuhnle, Charlotte Mills, Jeremy Spencer
    May 20 2022

    You’ve probably read the stories proclaiming that eating blueberries reduces your risk of dementia, or red wine is good for your heart, or coffee protects against type 2 diabetes – or, indeed, many of the other big health claims for a particular “superfood”. But what is the truth in these statements?

    While we – a group of nutritional scientists – have been involved in this kind of research, we are not responsible for the headlines. Underneath those attention-grabbing stories, however, there is important and serious research that will help to keep us all happier and healthier.

    We study parts of foods called bioactives that have an effect on health (either good or bad). Unlike vitamins and minerals, bioactives, such as certain fatty acids, fibre or flavanols (a group compounds found, for example, in tea or apples), are not essential for survival, but still affect our health.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Can A Single Foodstuff Have Amazing Health Benefits

    This is a serious, brief but in-depth look at why some foods have seeming super powers. In fact, the source, The Conversation, is an Australian publication that I would put in the same class as England's The Guardian and like The Guardian, they have a US edition. I would strongly recommend subscribing, especially when you know how hard it is to find an unbiased media source. There is no charge.
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