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Thread: Japan Has The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate Following Ban On Mandatory Vaccinations

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    Default Japan Has The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate Following Ban On Mandatory Vaccinations

    Jay Greenberg
    September 2 2018

    Fact: Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following ban on mandatory vaccinations, they urge other countries to follow this firm stance

    The citizens of Japan are statistically proven to be the healthiest and longest-living people in the world. The country also has the lowest infant mortality rate on the planet.
    It may come as no surprise to many that the Japanese Government banned a number of vaccines that are currently mandatory in the United States and has strict regulations in place for other Big Pharma drugs and vaccines in general.
    Japan’s anti-vax policies have long been criticised by vaccine pushers in the US who claim that vaccinating the public “promotes health.”
    However, Japanese people live longer, healthier lives than Americans, with babies born in the US twice as likely to die in infancy than those born in Japan.
    It’s clear to see that Western nations have a lot to learn from the Japanese when it comes to their approach to vaccinations and issues facing public health.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Japan Has The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate Following Ban On Mandatory Vaccinatio

    Another environmentally healthy situation in Japan's favor is it's recent sane and civilized reduced population.

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    Default Re: Japan Has The Lowest Infant Mortality Rate Following Ban On Mandatory Vaccinatio

    Thanks for finding this, Julianne. It's strongly supportive of what Hawkes' Health stands for: safe and natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. I dare say that similar studies have been done on Amish communities populations and I would be most curious to see the results. My area in central/Eastern Maine has recently been blessed with an in-migration of Amish. They have taken over properties, including multiple acres of food and livestock production, that were formerly heavily treated with herbicides and pesticides and are now completely chemical-free. Anything I can't produce myself, I can purchase from them in confidence that it's organic; it's where I get my raw milk and butter, and they are the only source of organic strawberries — you know, the ones that top EWG's "Dirty Dozen" for pesticide load. They often have roadside stands that offer vegetables and baked goods. If there are any Amish in your area, by all means support them! They have large families and their children, never vaccinated, are all bursting with good health.
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