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Thread: 7 Cconditions Masquerading As Dementia

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    Default 7 Cconditions Masquerading As Dementia

    GMI Reporter
    May 30 2022

    More than 40% of dementia diagnoses have been shown to be wrong. Here's what may really be going on.

    Imagine this nightmare. For the last few years your mother has had serious memory problems. She gets lost driving. She repeats the same question to you over and over again. She can't process new information. She loses her train of thought in mid-sentence. A CT scan comes back with a diagnosis of early Alzheimer's disease. The doctors offer a prescription with little encouragement it will work.

    Do you despair?

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    Default Re: 7 Cconditions Masquerading As Dementia

    At 81, I'm not personally worried about Alzheimer's because I think if I were to have it, symptoms would have shown up by now. Of course I have memory loss, but at my age that's to be expected, and it's not major, it's mostly forgetting specific words... and it happens mostly in conversations when I get excited and involved in a topic and then suddenly the word I need doesn't come at my command!
    I think several items mentioned in the article are particularly significant, or at least they have been for me. For instance, I've been taking 4 g of vitamin C/day since college (yes, that's grams); I have never had a flu shot and I had the flu only once, when I was in grad school holding down a part-time teaching job and trying to write my masters thesis, so I blame stress for that. And I check my vitamin D level every 12 to 18 months, keeping it pretty stable at 80 ng/mL. I already follow the rest of the suggestions in that article and for me at least, I'd say it's good advice.
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