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Thread: Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To Dementia

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    Default Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To Dementia

    University of South Australia
    June 14 2022

    Dementia is one of the major causes of disability and dependency among older people worldwide, affecting thinking and behaviours as you age. But what if you could stop this degenerative disease in its tracks?
    A world-first study from the University of South Australia could make this a reality as new genetic research shows a direct link between dementia and a lack of vitamin D.
    Investigating the association between vitamin D, neuroimaging features, and the risk of dementia and stroke, the study found:

    • low levels of vitamin D were associated with lower brain volumes and an increased risk of dementia and stroke

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    Default Re: Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To Dementia

    I think it's tragic that in the US, at least, very little publicity is given to the multiple powers of vitamins C and D.
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