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Thread: Kitchen Cupboard Cures

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    Default Kitchen Cupboard Cures

    These are not homeopathic remedies

    Homeopathy Plus
    July 15 2022

    1. Kitchen Cupboard Cures
    Simple treatments from your own kitchen cupboard for the common health problems of: tinea; burns, cuts and grazes; stuffy noses; coughs and colds; migraines and pounding headaches; mouth ulcers; leg cramps; nausea; urinary tract infections; and insect bites and stings.

    2. MORE Kitchen Cupboard Cures
    MORE simple treatments from your own kitchen cupboard for the common health problems of: thrush; plantar warts; headaches; low energy; insect bites and stings; heartburn; toothache; congested throat; and hayfever.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Cupboard Cures

    Quote Originally Posted by Julieanne View Post
    These are not homeopathic remedies...
    Now that you mention it, you can't imagine how many people that I have encountered, especially in doctors' offices, that apply the word "homeopathic" to any alternative medicine. Back east in the early 70s, I was introduced to a genuine homeopathic MD, (a WW1 veteran) that I visited at times until I relocated westward, so I have a little familiarity on the subject. Post #3.
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    Default Re: Kitchen Cupboard Cures

    Reading that list of ailments, I think there must be a whole lot of unhappy suffering people in the USA. None of those things ever happened to me except for the nocturnal leg cramps and I think I've mentioned the solution for that on the site somewhere in the recent past. In case my memory deceives me, the name of the product is SaltStick and it's available from Amazon, just do a quick Google. I endured those cramps for a week before I finally contacted my doctor and he recommended this product. It's miraculous, it worked overnight, and in these hot temperatures I find reason to use it frequently.
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