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Thread: Vitamin B6 May Reduce Anxiety Symptoms Study Shows

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    Default Vitamin B6 May Reduce Anxiety Symptoms Study Shows

    Erika Watts
    July 20 2022

    • Researchers studied the impact of vitamins B6 and B12 to see how well either vitamin may work at reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.
    • Study participants took high doses of their assigned vitamin for about a month.
    • Participants who took vitamin B6 saw a statistically significant reduction in anxiety symptoms, indicating improved functioning of GABA, the neurotransmitter associated with calming and relaxing.

    Everyone may feel anxious or sad at times. However, some people may experience life-disrupting levels of these emotions on a regular basis, developing into a mental health disorder that requires treatment.

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    Default Re: Vitamin B6 May Reduce Anxiety Symptoms Study Shows

    I don't think I've been tested on my body's level of any vitamin, or if so, it hasn't been in at least 20 years. At some point I was prompted to order a bottle of B vitamins, I have no idea why. But as long as I have them, I might as well experiment with adding them to my daily regimen to see whether it makes any difference. However, at this moment in time there are so many global threats to our well-being that I wonder whether any kind of treatment, vitamin or therapy or even hypnotism, could alleviate symptoms of anxiety!
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