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Thread: Cornea made from pig collagen gives people who were blind 20/20 vision

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    Default Cornea made from pig collagen gives people who were blind 20/20 vision

    New Scientist
    Corryn Wetzel
    11 August 2022
    [submitted by Julieanne who is still waiting for her new computer]

    Twenty people who were legally blind or visually impaired received a transplant of a cornea made from pig collagen. All of them had improved sight, including three who now have 20/20 vision after being legally blind

    Corneas made from pig collagen have restored sight for people who were previously legally blind or visually impaired. Two years after the operations, none of the recipients have reported serious complications or adverse side effects.
    More than 12 million people around the world have corneal blindness, which can occur when the eyes’ clear, protective outer layer becomes cloudy or misshapen from damage or disease. Because corneal transplants currently require a human donor, only 1 out of every 70 people in need of care receive one. In many lower-income nations, the cost of the operation further complicates access to treatment.
    Mehrdad Rafat at Linköping University in Sweden and his colleagues manufactured a flexible yet resilient dome that resembles a contact lens by extracting and purifying collagen from porcine skin. Following successful trials, the team began testing the artificial corneas in human volunteers.

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