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Thread: Will Curcumin Be Eliminated?

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    Default Will Curcumin Be Eliminated?

    ANH, no author cited

    European countries are taking aim at curcumin supplements, showing why we should not follow in their footsteps with Sen. Dick Durbin’s disastrous, anti-supplement policy. Action Alert!
    Following a spate of adverse events purportedly linked to curcumin supplements, Italy has prohibited all health claims related to curcumin. This has led to concerns that European authorities are preparing broader restrictions on how much curcumin can be added to food or supplements, limiting the ability of Europeans to take advantage of the countless health benefits of this compound. This is yet another example of why we have to defeat Sen. Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) anti-supplement policy, known as “mandatory product listing.

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    Default Re: Will Curcumin Be Eliminated?

    Thanks for posting this, Grulla. I already sent my personal reply from my email.
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