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Thread: Free Fire Cide, Alternative Producers of Fire Cider

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    Default Free Fire Cide, Alternative Producers of Fire Cider

    Rosemary Goldstar

    Background. A spicy hot deliciously sweet vinegar tonic, Fire Cider was first concocted in the kitchen at the California School of Herbal Studies in the early 1980’s. Intent on teaching my students how to make herbal preparations that were as much food as they were medicines, I was constantly experimenting and concocting all manner of medicinal herbs into a variety of recipes. Those that turned out well were shared freely with my students and our community. The idea was to bring medicinal herbalism back into people’s kitchens, as part of their food and as a way of being, not just for medicinal purposes. Fire Cider was among those early ‘cross over’ recipes ~ part medicine, part food ~ that was made and shared freely. I taught hundreds of people how to make it at the California School of Herbal Studies, which I directed and taught at from 1978 thru 1987, and also as I traveled about the country teaching about medicinal plants in conferences, schools and various events.

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    Default Re: Free Fire Cide, Alternative Producers of Fire Cider

    tl;dr. The recipe is at the end of the article. I have to add that while I grow horseradish, I know very few people who do so and surely no urban dwellers are growing horseradish. In other words, fresh grated horseradish in an ingredient is a recipe that few people would find useful.
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