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Thread: FODMAP Diet: Why Oyster Mushrooms Are No 1 In Fighting IBS

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    Default FODMAP Diet: Why Oyster Mushrooms Are No 1 In Fighting IBS

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    We have a bunch of customers following the FODMAP diet. They are trying to eliminate foods that do not agree with them. This stranged name diet (and the cool app) was developed by Monash Uni, in Melb. It's a tool for helps people navigate their lives without the constant abdominal pain associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
    The conversation with the FODMAP'ies usually goes like this. "I love mushrooms ...but can't eat them cause I have IBS and following the FODMAP diet". To which we reply, "WELL... did you know! Oyster mushrooms are categorised as low FODMAP, so yes! you can eat tons of them".

    Oyster Mushrooms for controlling IBS

    For people with IBS, mushrooms have been off the menu. This is due to high levels of mannitol. However, according to Monash University, Oyster mushrooms are safe to eat.
    Why are Oyster mushrooms No.1? because, in addition to being safe to eat, they are loaded with many many nutritional and health benefits. In fact, there are so many reasons I won't list them individually here, but invite you to browse some of the articles below. Be warned, the fungi rabbit hole is long and deep, once you get started you may not stop. Also listed below are a bunch of delicious FODMAP friendly, Oyster Mushroom recipes.I

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