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Thread: China Imports

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    Thumbs down China Imports

    The following are two small excerpts from a very long article at The New American titled "The New Chinese Take Out" about contaminants coming out of China. To see the whole article, i've posted the link at the bottom. It could go in a number of different sections here, but because of the vitamin issue, i chose to post it here.

    Tea leaves, the iconic Chinese export, can now be added to the list of suspect food products. William Hubbard, former deputy commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, told National Public Radio about one Chinese manufacturer’s practice of drying tea leaves by using truck exhausts. “To speed up the drying process, they would lay the tea leaves out on a huge warehouse floor and drive trucks over them so that the exhaust would more rapidly dry the leaves out,” said Hubbard. “And the problem there is that the Chinese use leaded gasoline, so they were essentially spewing the lead over all these leaves.” Hubbard noted that the FDA only inspects about one percent of all food and food ingredients coming into the country, and tests only about half of one percent.

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    Most U.S. consumers are aware that Chinese products dominate the shelves of most retail stores, but few realize the dominance extends to vitamins and drugs. Fully 90 percent of all the vitamin C sold in America comes from the communist trade giant. This near-monopoly control of the vitamin-C market caused the Wall Street Journal to dub China the “OPEC of vitamin C,” and like the oil cartel it has been accused of price fixing. In 2001, China’s four largest producers met to form a consortium, and shortly thereafter began a series of price manipulations undercutting U.S. and European competitors. Volatile prices induced American companies, which were operating in a very different regulatory environment than that existing in Communist China, to file anti-trust suits. In the end the suits hardly mattered; the last U.S. vitamin-C plant closed in 2006.
    China has since captured much of the world’s pharmaceutical market, producing 70 percent of the world’s penicillin, 50 percent of its aspirin, and most of its vitamins. There are already signs that Chinese-produced vitamins suffer from the same type of quality assurance problems affecting Chinese food and goods exports. Recently, the European Union discovered Enterobacter sakazakii, a lethal bacterium that causes meningitis in infants, in imported batches of vitamin A. In America, traces of arsenic, lead, and iron have shown up in discount products containing vitamin C.

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    Default Re: China Imports

    This is very frightening. I use TriVita products, which check samples of raw materials once they hit the USA. Dr. Gussa has his herbs tested when they get here, also.

    Thank you, Katee-at least we know to ask questions.

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