Today's news announced that this lawsuit has been won.
Check details at this site. If you qualify but have not been notified, you can take action there:

A class-action lawsuit that could dramatically increase the benefits for thousands or veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has the U.S. Army expediting a review of its process—a sign that the suit as real merit. It claims that, before 2008 soldiers returning to the States were often given a "disability rating" far below one associated with PTSD, while still being treated for the condition. And what's the significance of a lower rating? Several hundred dollars a month, to start. And benefits for life. From the AP:
The law requires the military to assign a disability rating of at least 50 percent to those discharged for PTSD, said Bart Stichman, co-executive director the National Veterans Legal Services Program, a nonprofit organization that represents the veterans. Since October 2008, the military has given the 50 percent rating to those discharged with PTSD, Stichman said.
The higher rating ensures that the veteran receives lifelong monthly disability payments, free health care for the veteran and the veteran's spouse, as well as health care for the veteran's minor children.