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Thread: Food Allergies: Are They Making You Fat?

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    Default Food Allergies: Are They Making You Fat?

    Mark Hyman, M.D.
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    Your digestive system may be making you fat. It’s hard to believe – but very true!

    Today, I’m going to explain how the bugs in your digestive tract and the way they upset your gut’s immune system just might be behind those extra pounds.

    I have observed this phenomenon in hundreds of patients. Recently, remarkable new research has confirmed this phenomenon. I have developed very effective treatments for it, based on understanding the way in which all the body’s systems – the gut, the immune system, detoxification system, hormones and more – are connected.

    There’s powerful evidence that addressing these key causes of weight gain and illness can help you shed pounds.

    Read more: m_content=default
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    Default Re: Food Allergies: Are They Making You Fat?

    Mellow, remember when I told you that my CRP was 10.9? I believe that it was from me over indulging on oxalates again; I will check in 90 days.

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