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Thread: weight loss after pregnancy

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    hi to all female members out there

    my question concerns about loss weight after pregnancy and especially after one have had a cesarean. I have noticed many women who had a cesarean which ended up with loose and disfigure tummy. Is there a way to avoid that?
    is there some exercise which could be done to flat your tummy after cesarean?

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    Miss Healthy,

    Caesarean deliveries are a surgical procedure because of the cutting of muscle to get to the uterus, which is also cut in order to deliver the baby.

    Women who have had caesarean deliveries have to be careful that their bodies are ready to take on exercise, as would be the case after any surgery.

    The best course of action is to consult with your health care professional to do a full assessment of your specific concerns. Each woman is different and each woman has a unique recovery.

    This type of medical advice regarding exercise cannot, and should never, be given over the internet because of this.
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    Default Re: weight loss after pregnancy

    Ok Emma Thanks for your concerned reply but there would be some general light exercise which might be safer for any cesarean case.
    I might sound stubborn but may be some safe exercise

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    Default Re: weight loss after pregnancy

    Walking each day gradually adding distance is safe.

    The rest you need to clear with your doctor-depending on surgery, where incision is, etc. doctor can tell you what is safe. You have to let the stiches heal first.

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    Good answer Reesacat...

    Miss Healthy, your original post appeared to be asking for some exercise that would somehow 'flatten' a post caesarean tummy.
    That implies that you were asking for something 'specific', and wanted 'specific advice'.

    Specific advice for a post surgical procedure must be from your personal health care professional because only they know your individual situation.

    Walking is a good start, as Reesacat pointed out, but there are many factors that will determine how far, how frequently etc., that you can start.

    For example, if you have had a significant amount of blood loss or are still in a lot of pain, are overweight/obese, or have infections, are on certain medication, or have underlying health conditions, you need to be very careful how you start.

    This is why you must consult with your health care professional in person.
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