Hello and welcome to Hawkes' Health!

Why "Hawkes"? David Hawkes, dismayed with other interactive health sites, set up this one in September 2007. I took over from David in December of 2009 but opted to keep the original name in honor of David and the work he put into creating it.

As you can see, there is no membership fee and no advertising. I prefer to maintain the site out of my own pocket in order to keep it that way.

The content is primarily fast-breaking health news, and much of the emphasis is nutrition-based. The guiding principle of the site is Integrative Medicine — that is, a combination of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Modalities) and conventional medicine.

Anyone can post an article here. The expectation is that you post actual studies, not rumors or anecdotes, and cite the source at the bottom of the page. Anecdotes and personal experiences are fine in the comments that reply to the original post.

The only rule here, other than simple courtesy and good taste, is No Spamming. A sales pitch, off-topic posts, or porn will result in the immediate activation of the Ban Hammer.

Quite a few of the regular members are health professionals. While you should always seek medical advice from your own provider, you will find much reliable guidance and recommendations here.

Oh, me? I'm a self-sufficient woman from the state of Maine (whence my avatar). I live in a passive solar house that I designed; heat with wood; garden organically and preserve my harvest. I believe that whole, unprocessed foods and physical activity are the not-so-secret roads to good health.

Please make the most of your experience here by active participation, and by all means refer your family and friends!