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Thread: Score! Jerry Brunetti's "Food as Medicine"!

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    Default Score! Jerry Brunetti's "Food as Medicine"!

    I'm spinning this off from the "Top Ten Deadliest Cancers" thread so I / you / we can find it again in a search. I've located the original 2-part video on line, all free. There's no time stamp on the videos but if they are complete, it's 3 hours of a man talking. But what he has to say is life-changing. We all know the principles embodied in the title, but he offers so much more. I set up a WP doc alongside the video the second time I watched, and paused it to take notes, as you'd do in a lecture hall. Here's the link (note: I am about to save you an absurd $45 from the farmingsecrets site):

    I saved this link from several years back. A youtube search will not find it. If anyone knows how to mirror vids, PLEASE tell me so I can download this to my own computer!

    P.S. A thank-you to LabDoc for finding the $45 version — motivated me to find the original!
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    Default Re: Score! Jerry Brunetti's "Food as Medicine"!

    Yay! I saw this a few years ago and it really changed the way I thought about food-and how important real food is.
    I went to to read Weston A. Price and joined the WAPF.

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    Default Re: Score! Jerry Brunetti's "Food as Medicine"!

    I saw these videos a few years ago (probably at the suggestion of Islander and/or Reesacat, lol) and they were definitely eye opening and helped me understand the reasoning behind the dietary changes I had made. Worth watching again for sure.

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