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Thread: My Journey Back to Healthy Living

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    Default My Journey Back to Healthy Living

    This article/blog post is too long to copy in its entirety. I'll copy a few paragraphs and the link. This is a guest post from a blog called Gluten Free Easily. I think it is good to have a number of these stories to share with folks (when they're willing to read) of the success stories of eating well.

    . . . I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in January 2009, after starting to feel extreme fatigue two years ago. My arms felt like they lifted and carried a load of bricks when all I did was fold a t-shirt. My entire Christmas vacation spent doing nothing did not lift the fatigue at all. There were headaches unlike the migraines that plagued me my whole life and the sinus headaches that like to remind me about my acquired allergy to Kentucky. Add in some vertigo, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing, losing the outer third of my eyebrows, losing more hair than usual, IBS flare ups, allergies not responding to medication, and being colder than usual all the time. I had violent mood swings - screaming at my husband over nothing, screaming at customer service people over the phone, and struggled to resist the deep desire to strangle people when I would normally just ignore them. Along with my lifelong migraines, I also had low blood pressure and body temperature, but all the doctors and nurses told me it was “normal” and not to worry. . .

    In January of this year, another good friend sent me an article written by Dr. Mark Hyman on the role gluten plays in diseases like Hypothyroidism, Lupus, Autism, Fibromyalgia, and many others. It had me intrigued. I was digging up everything I could on the correlation and bought Dr. Hyman’s book, Ultrametabolism. By the end of February, I was ready to get rid of gluten on a trial run. It was a little easier for me to do than most people when they find they have to go gluten-free since I was focusing on whole foods that are already naturally gluten-free. I made mostly everything from scratch with the exception of bread, pasta, and tortillas. I left the bread alone and only used sprouted corn tortillas and whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.

    I was confident I would be okay when I added gluten back in. It was a Friday morning. I toasted a piece of sprouted grain bread to go with my breakfast. That was the only gluten I had all day. I felt fine when I went to bed. Waking up the next morning was a different story.

    I could not move. I slept more than 8 hours and I felt like I just went to bed. I lied there for at least 15 minutes willing my body to move. It scared me a bit since I did not have this problem in over a year. I knew it was the gluten. I dragged the rest of the day full of unmotivated fatigue.
    I admit I was angry and wanted to scream, “THIS SUCKS!” at the top of my lungs. The things I formerly chose not to eat like pizza, hamburgers, etc. were now things I really couldn’t eat anymore. There is a difference between not eating something because you choose not to and not eating something because you can’t or it will make you sick. Eating whole foods was easy since I chose it. Eating whole foods gluten-free was getting depressing. I couldn’t watch a Papa John’s commercial anymore thinking, “I don’t want that.” It was now, “I can’t have that. No fair!” Deep down, I knew it was my body telling me what it wanted. I had one of those “A-ha!” moments after a couple of weeks of my self-pity party. I realized the vertigo, heart palpitations, violent mood swings, and headaches were gone. Even the migraines were fewer and farther between. I had more energy. I felt better, healthier.

    My blood pressure and temperature were normal at my last doctor’s visit in September of this year. I don’t ever remember having a “normal” blood pressure temperature except when I’d get sick, which of course doctors would write off because it was “normal.” When he came in to meet with me, he informed me my iron, TSH, and T4 levels were all in the normal range, but my Vitamin D level was still low. I left my doctor that day feeling euphoric as I texted my cousin, a doctor. Sure my Vitamin D is still low, but I still had a major victory. My health

    Debi Smith

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    Default Re: My Journey Back to Healthy Living

    I really enjoyed that, Katee
    Thank you!

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