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Thread: Causes of skin aging

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    Katee, I just wash my hair with ordinary shampoo. I've tried shampoo-less washing in the past using various products, but I was never satisfied with the result. They always made my scalp itch and my hair looked sort of weird, not exactly oily-looking but not really shiny clean either. I currently have my hair cut in a short (nape of the neck) bob and I can sometimes get away with washing it every other day, which I can't do if it's any shorter. I have no explanation for this oddity, other than I have to do a little more blow-drying when it's longer. That might retard oil production slightly

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    Katie and LMW, have you considered using Dr Bronner's Castille all purpose soap as shampoo? I use the Castille soap my husband makes as shampoo and it works a treat.

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    I find Dr. Bronner's way too drying, as is the No Poo method. I have very thin, dry hair to start with and in cooler weather only need to wash once a week. What I've found works really well and is completely non-toxic is a shampoo bar: I think I'm using the Ultra Balanced which is unscented.

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