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Thread: B vitamins: DRI/RDS, negative side effects, overdose & toxicity

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    Default B vitamins: DRI/RDS, negative side effects, overdose & toxicity

    An outstanding site for detailed information on the B family. Not reproducible; check it out.

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    Default Re: B vitamins: DRI/RDS, negative side effects, overdose & toxicity

    At the end was a good piece of advice on overall supplementation (some supplements like natto or enzymes for pain must be taken on empty stomach):

    ================================================== =================================

    General recommendations for nutritional supplementation: To avoid stomach problems and promote better
    tolerance, supplements should always be taken earlier, or in the middle of a larger meal. When taken on an
    empty stomach or after a meal, there is a greater risk of some tablets causing irritation, or eventually erosion
    of the esophageal sphincter, resulting in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It is also advisable not
    to lie down immediately after taking any pills. When taking a very large daily amount of a single nutrient, it is
    better to split it up into smaller doses to not interfere with the absorption of other nutrients in food, or nutrients
    supplemented at lower amounts.

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    Default Re: B vitamins: DRI/RDS, negative side effects, overdose & toxicity

    Mostly I try to find supplements that come in powder form, either loose or in capsules, which I mix with food. I find I am more likely to tolerate them this way.

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