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Thread: The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators

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    Default Re: The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators

    Sorry LabDoc. It never occurred to me, that could be where "spastic" came from. Although spasticity (uncontrolled muscle activity and tension) is a major cerebral palsy symptom. I guess over the years it has grown in meaning. Thanks for the heads up about being more aware of what we say. I know Highlander meant no harm though. She's just not like that

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    Default Re: The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators

    I did not mean to offend you. My brother was born with birth defects, mild retardation, and was eventually diagnosed as bi-polar. I fought for him and as a young girl would stand up to grown men to defend him. To this day I always stand up for those that other people are quick to criticize. Cruelty is my number one pet peeve. I’ve been told that I’m the kind of person every kid wants with them on the playground.
    That said, I still use words like “retarded” (such as my metabolism) or “spastic” when they are legitimate. In the U.S. extreme politically correct paranoia has attempted to hijack words for fear that someone, somewhere with a serious problem might be offended. The result is people either walk on egg shells concerning what they say and simply do not say what they mean; or they don’t care at all and will treat you to an F-bomb blitzkrieg. I’m not fond of either extreme. I crave the day when people can say what they mean and mean what they say.
    So... peace.

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    Default Re: The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators

    Well said Highlander.

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    Default Re: The no-BS info on Japan's disastrous nuclear operators

    Thanks Highlander, just touched a soft spot I guess, the words use here has deteriorated to meaning whacko, retard, cretin etc. you get the picture

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