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Thread: Cure Tooth Decay

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    Cool Cure Tooth Decay

    Book review: Cure Tooth Decayby Ramiel Nagel

    Wish I could cure my tooth problems. Not gonna happen. Still, this is good reading about why we do things with our teeth which we shouldn't be doing.
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    Great info. Take it to the bank!

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    I wonder if the book recognises the role that Coeliac disease and gluten intolerance plays in tooth decay due to the malabsorbtion of nutrients. Given that it is increasing being recognised that the incidence is of these is probably quite high, it is likely they often contribute to tooth decay.

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    I was surprised when I first saw tooth decay on the list of diseases from gluten intolerance when I first found out about it; and then it did make sense-the mouth is the window to your health. I think you are spot on about the malabsorption of nutrients, Aaltrude.

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