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    Default Posting from emails

    My son sent me an email I'd like to put in 'humour', but I'm not sure how to do that. I guess I could try copy and paste, but it has a large picture I'd like to remove, as it takes up too much space. I am still learning about all this stuff - didn't touch a computer till I was 65!

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    Here is a simple possibility, Julieanne. There may be a more professional way, but here's what I would do:

    Copy and paste from the e-mail into a new document on your computer. When the little icon comes up after you've pasted (on my computer, it's a little clipboard), giving you "paste options", click the "keep text only" option. The photo won't be pasted, and then you can just copy and paste your new, photo-less joke here for us all to enjoy.

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    Another possibility is to copy the entire e-mail, paste to the HH humor forum, and see what happens. The photo may not appear. If it does, try this: click on it. This should now place a box around the image, with tiny squares at the corners (for re-sizing). Once it's boxed, tap your Delete key and voila! You can always use the Preview function to make sure the format looks the way you want it to before posting (or use the Edit tool to fix it afterward).

    No need to apologize! We all come to computers as adults and everyone has a learning curve. I'm 70, but I was fortunate to be introduced to computing in the my learning "curve" was a long inclined plane!

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