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Thread: FDA: Alternatives to Dental Amalgam

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    Default FDA: Alternatives to Dental Amalgam

    Thanks to Stoneharbor for finding this source. A balanced review of alternatives to mercury amalgams.

    Other materials can also be used to fill cavities caused by dental decay. Like dental amalgam, these direct filling materials are used to restore the biting surface of a tooth that has been damaged by decay.Your dentist can discuss treatment options based on the location of cavities in your mouth and the amount of tooth decay.
    The primary alternatives to dental amalgam are as follows:

    Every restorative material has advantages and disadvantages.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: FDA: Alternatives to Dental Amalgam

    Interesting article. In addition, gold foil fillings, although probably the best tooth restoration technique altogether, require some skill on the part of the dentist. Very few dentists even have been taught these skills in their dental schools, and fewer yet have any amount of skill to do a really good job on any patient that one does not hate. In other words, I would not wish most of these guys on my worst enemy.

    I was fortunate enough to spend many years of my adult life in northwestern Washington, where I lucked into a dentist quite skilled in the art of gold foil fillings.

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