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Thread: Walmart Flip flops

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    Exclamation Walmart Flip flops

    My husband just found this article on line, if you want to read the whole thing.

    In a nutshell, this photographer had purchased 2 pair of inexpensive flip flops at Walmart. In wearing them she developed what was determined to be a chemical burn. It took weeks to resolve, & she took steroids & antibiotics (we need to inform her of healthy alternatives!) She tried to notify Walmart because she didn't want this to happen to others, especially children. Walmart didn't want to take her complaint & told her it was "between her & the manufacturer" (in CHINA). She went to Walmart to show the manager, who didn't want to see, & tried to do incident reports, but they didn't want to let her fill out the report. She took pics of her feet as this developed (she's a photographer). And because she couldn't get satisfaction with Walmart, she posted online. And people responded. In all, she to date has been contacted by 150 people who said they had the same problem. But Walmart said they have only 10 reports from people about this.

    Buyer beware, but many things there are imported from China, & Walmart doesn't seem to be too concerned of the safety of the consumer.
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    Default Re: Walmart Flip flops

    Thanks, Katee! Those pictures are scary! You also have to think about what got into the products while they are being shipped and fumigated at entry ports.

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    Default Re: Walmart Flip flops

    I got this story via email a few weeks ago and I checked This IS a true story. I have almost quit going to WalMart. I was buying bottled water there because it's 35 cents a gallon cheaper than anywhere else, but I got a distiller the other day so now I really won't have to go at all. They treat the handicapped like dirt. I actually led a protest at my local WalMart in FL (with the backing of the store manager) which resulted in 12 new electric carts and many new handicapped parking places. Here in SC, the managers will not listen and they don't care. Before I was up and walking like I am now, I had gone 4 days in a row and was unable to get an electric cart. On the door in big print it says if you are handicapped and require assistance just ask. I asked and was told we don't have time for that. I threatened to call a lawyer for the ADA unless I got help and 45 min later, somebody grudgingly pushed me in a wheelchair and pulled a grocery cart. The manager flat refused to come talk to me. I HATE WAL MART!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Walmart Flip flops

    For many people, cheap is beautiful and our local Wal-Mart parking lot is always full. But keep in mind that truism: You get what you pay for. The flip-flop guy got burned. Other shoppers get burned in less obvious ways. I can usually avoid it but the alternative is a 90-mile round trip, since they have put all the competition, large and small, out of business.

    Do not think you can rely on brand names for quality. W-M dictates the terms of manufacture or production; in order to meet their wholesale price, the producer has to sacrifice quality. I know this because as owner and CEO of a greenhouse/nursery business, I read the trade journals and know how their contracts were drawn up and racheted down from year to year.

    When you shop at W-M you will pay a price, now or later. They are the store of no moral compass. My advice: go the extra mile(s) & do what you need to do to avoid them. I wouldn't go near W-M if it was on fire and I could put it out by pissing on it.

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