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Thread: How to embed youtube videos, revised

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    Default How to embed youtube videos, revised

    The site gives you an “embed” code which will not work on vBulletin because, for security reasons, html is disabled here. We had a system for embedding youtube videos here but since upgrading to the newer version, the old code no longer worked.

    So...I’ve gone in and deleted the old code and replaced it with updated code that does work.
    To embed a youtube video, here’s what you do:

    type the tag: {youtube}

    Now type (copy & paste) only the letters and numbers that follow the = sign in the url.

    Close the tag by adding {/youtube}

    This has been a demo. To make it work, replace the { and } with [ and ].

    For you old-timers, this is the same process we used in the past. It’s working again because I’ve updated the code.
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