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Thread: Top 10 Reasons I Don't Mind Being Housebound

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    Default Top 10 Reasons I Don't Mind Being Housebound

    I really enjoy her blogs and articles.
    Published on August 1, 2011 by Toni Bernhard, J.D. in Turning Straw Into Gold

    I've been mostly housebound, often bedbound, since 2001. It took me many years to make peace with my new life. Don't get me wrong. I'd trade this Top 10 List for my health in a heartbeat. But this is the life I've got, so here are my top 10 reasons I don't mind being housebound.

    Number 10: Airport security.

    Number 9: GPS not needed to find my way from the bed to the fridge.

    Number 8: Self-feeding at will.

    Number 7: Endless Law and Order re-runs keep my lawyering skills sharp.

    Number 6: No line for the loo.
    See the rest:

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    Default Re: Top 10 Reasons I Don't Mind Being Housebound

    I enjoy her very much, too. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hitting limitations more these days. I've been doing a knitting group (about an hour) Monday AMs for 18 months or so. I enjoy it. Then i learned of a ladies' Bible study from the church we have been attending Mondays at 1 PM. I'll be honest, i don't really enjoy Bible studies, but i do want to connect with people more. So i thought i'd try. Somehow two things on Mondays just tips me over and makes the rest of the week so difficult to get thru. I've turned down the choir in the past saying, "It doesn't work for me," which is true. I've sung in the choir before and i know the demands it puts on me and i know i can't do it. But, it isn't hard to say that because i honestly don't want to be part of the choir. I would like to sit with a bunch of women for a couple of hours once a week, so this is different.

    I tend to be defensive about depression. I was told for so many, many years that i was "just depressed." I was not (until i'd heard this too many times) and their drugs never helped. It helped me so much to be told, fairly recently, that depression is being in bed with the covers over your head because you don't want to get out of bed. CFIDS is not being able to get out of bed. I WANT to do things! I want to do quite a number of things. If a doctor ever again tells me i'm "just depressed" he is likely to get slugged.

    Toni is much more gracious about accepting limitations than i, but i do enjoy her column and her humor.

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