Don't forget they can in all age groups
By Dr. Allan Spreen on 08/28/2011

If you're over 65, don't tell your doctor that you're feeling a little run down. You'll walk out of his office with a prescription for a common drug you probably think is harmless. But studies show these drugs don't work any better than a placebo. Plus -- they're far more dangerous. In fact, if you're over 65, taking one just might kill you!

And here's what else you need to know before going to your doc for help...

One type of this common pill is much more dangerous than all the rest! If you take it, you run a much greater risk of falling or suffering a fractured bone. You also run a greater risk of having a stroke or epileptic seizure.

But doctors prescribe it the MOST... even among seniors who are most at risk.

Here's what even scarier...

You don't have to take one for years to run into problems. The new research found that most problems occur within the first 28 days of taking these drugs.

The good news is that you do have options. If you're feeling a little run down, there are steps you can take to climb out of your fog. I'll tell you about those in a moment.
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