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Thread: Codex: Will Your Right to Use Natural Medicine Be Taken Away?

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    Default Codex: Will Your Right to Use Natural Medicine Be Taken Away?

    For those who are new to Hawkes' Health, this topic may come as a surprise. If you would like more detailed information on this very real threat, Rima Laibow's 40-minute talk is the best resource I've found:

    By iHealthTube on 09/05/2011

    Medical researcher Ty Bollinger reveals the shocking truth behind CODEX. He describes a very real scenario in which one day purchasing a vitamin D supplement could be an illegal activity. If you’ve never heard of CODEX or wondered exactly what it was this eye-opening video is a must-see.
    Bollinger explains that instituting CODEX here in the United States means giving away our right to choose natural foods for healing to an international global food authority. And he outlines what it could mean to your ability to legally purchase natural herbs and supplements.

    3-minute summary here:
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    Default Re: Codex: Will Your Right to Use Natural Medicine Be Taken Away?

    Sure hope CODEX does not get the power to take away our supplements. It is a scary world we live in.

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