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Thread: Gulf War Syndrome Linked to Nerve Gas

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    Default Gulf War Syndrome Linked to Nerve Gas

    SEP 16, 2011 by ■ Lynn Herrmann
    Long a contentious issue between government agencies and veterans, a new study shows Gulf War Syndrome is the result of long-term exposure to small amounts of sarin gas, and at least 25 percent of veterans deployed in the war may have the syndrome.

    Long considered a form of combat stress by the US Defense Department and Department of Veterans Affairs, the syndrome has been examined extensively. A new study by researchers at the Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas in Dallas, finds abnormalities associated with Gulf War Syndrome have persisted for 20 years and in certain cases, have actually worsened.
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    Default Re: Gulf War Syndrome Linked to Nerve Gas

    Already I can hear the collective yawn of disinterest on the part of the civilians in the US.

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    Default Re: Gulf War Syndrome Linked to Nerve Gas

    What about the effects of DU (depleted uranium), used extensively in the Gulf wars? That little detail rarely gets air play.
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