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Thread: Cardiologist proves shovelling can kill

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    Default Cardiologist proves shovelling can kill

    By Tom Spears, Postmedia News
    November 25, 2011

    A Kingston, Ont., cardiologist is the first to prove what we all assumed: shovelling snow can kill you. And it took a newcomer from Argentina to figure this out.

    Dr. Adrian Baranchuk had heard that shovelling causes heart attacks, and when eight such patients turned up on his ward one day he tried to look up the scientific evidence to get the details. Only there wasn't any.

    Meanwhile, the continent's two big associations of cardiologists both had guidelines warning heart patients not to shovel. Baranchuk couldn't under-stand how all those cardiologists could give people advice without any studies to base it on.

    That set him in motion. He searched through Kingston General's records for two winters, starting after the first snowfall each year and adding up the heart attacks - exactly 500, as it turned out.

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    Default Re: Cardiologist proves shovelling can kill

    Seven percent doesn't seem indicative of a strong correlation. Fifty percent would be persuasive; 7%, not so much. Of course the story doesn't mention heart attacks occurring in the 24 hours after shoveling, which could well be caused by the unaccustomed exertion. For some men, shoveling snow is the most strenuous exercise they engage in all year, and they are simply not in condition to attempt it — but they can't afford to look like nancies.
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