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Thread: How to Live to 100 Plus Video

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    I've read Dan Buettner's book Blue Zones. Good easy read, I'd recommend it, and though we will never be able to reproduce the conditions that enabled those centenarians of his to be so active into old age, there's a lot of useful take-away info here.
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    Excellent video! I think the points he made about having good friends who support you and have healthy habits is a key most lifestyle programs in the West don't emphasize enough. We need support and encouragement to do things that are good for us, especially with a crazy culture promoting every unhealthy food and habit in our face 24/7.

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    Hopefully I can watch soon, but the hubby type just took our little one out for a play date and I finally have a chance to catch up on one or two grown-up movies I haven't been able to stay up after bedtime to watch. --- Be back on this later.

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