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Thread: Cherries – FDA Bans Natural Arthritis Cure

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    Default Cherries – FDA Bans Natural Arthritis Cure

    By dianew
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    Cherries - a Natural Arthritis Cure
    Cherries have been proven to be the most powerful fruit in the world as a medicine for eliminating gout and reducing inflammation and pain in arthritis. They are so powerful in fact that the FDA in America tried to muzzle cherry growers, trying to prevent them from linking cherries to arthritis care. They are cherries! How can the FDA ban natural arthritis cures?

    It has been said that cherries are better than any arthritis drugs. It has been suggested that if the truth were known, pharmaceutical companies would lose billions in profits from arthritis drugs.


    It has been reported (but not confirmed) that the FDA has tried to stop cherry growers from distributing information on the health benefits of cherries.

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    Default Re: Cherries – FDA Ban Natural Arthritis Cure

    This is an old story in the USA. Back in 2005 the FDA sent letters to cherry growers:

    "On October 17, 2005, the FDA banned information about cherries’ health benefits from appearing on websites.16,17 The FDA sent warning letters to 29 companies that market cherry products. In these letters, the FDA ordered the companies to stop publicizing scientific data about cherries.18 According to the FDA, when cherry companies disseminate this information, the cherries become unapproved drugs subject to seizure. The FDA warns that if those involved in cherry trafficking continue to inform consumers about these scientific studies, criminal prosecutions will ensue."

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    Default Re: Cherries – FDA Bans Natural Arthritis Cure

    "Cherry trafficking." I love it. You couldn't write better satire if you set out to do it. The FDA is barking mad.
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    Default Re: Cherries – FDA Bans Natural Arthritis Cure

    There must be ways around this. There is a herb grower in Oz who has two separate websites - one for info on health benefits and the other for herb and seed orders. Apparently it's OK to mention benefits if you aren't actually selling anything on the site.

    BTW, I thought it was only tart cherries that helped with arthritis?
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