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Thread: Aloe Reverses Skin Aging

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    17th November 2010

    Default Re: Aloe Reverses Skin Aging

    I've had the same aloe plant for over 20yrs now. It's named Gumbie. I will not use it on myself since it's a plant/pet, but I think it's time to get back in the habit of drinking aloe juice. We're due for a Whole Foods run being back in town anyway.

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    Default Re: Aloe Reverses Skin Aging

    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    Aloe does go down much better with juice but I'm a bit lazy about making it because I hate cleaning the damn juicer. I'd drink several glasses of homemade juice per day if I could.
    My juicer takes a half an hour to clean. It usually involves using a toothbrush. I use it more in the warm months because then I can use the garden hose on the darn thing.

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    Default Re: Aloe Reverses Skin Aging

    Sweet jelly roll muffin on a hot plate, what kind of juicer do you have?
    Ever consider taking it to the car wash?
    ➤ Happiness is the frosting on the cake of contentment.

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    Default Re: Aloe Reverses Skin Aging

    Quote Originally Posted by bmc65 View Post
    It's named Gumbie.
    That's perfect!

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