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Thread: GMO Crops Proven Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

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    Default GMO Crops Proven Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

    Anthony Gucciardi
    March 2, 2012

    Monsanto shareholder Bill Gates has argued that GMOs are the solution to world hunger, going as far as to say that they are actually needed to fight worldwide starvation. Unfortunately for Gates, who back in 2010 bought 500,000 shares of the company he is now promoting in mainstream media as the solution to the world’s problems, a team of 900 scientists have found that GMO crops are actually not effective at fighting world hunger. In fact, the massive team found that Monsanto’s seeds, which have led to thousands of farmer suicides due to excessive costs and failure to yield crops, were outperformed by traditional “agro-ecological” farming practices.

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    Default Re: GMO Crops Proven Ineffective at Fighting World Hunger

    This is so important...I put it on Facebook just now for the PUBLIC to read. It's so important to counteract the propaganda...because a lot of people believe whatever the media broadcast or publish.
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