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Thread: Excess Iron and Brain Degeneration: The Little-Known Link

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    Default Excess Iron and Brain Degeneration: The Little-Known Link

    Life Extension Magazine March 2012
    By Kathleen Anderson

    There are several ways you can limit the damaging effects of excessive iron in your body. The most obvious is to monitor how much iron you ingest. Experts now typically recommend that older adults limit their intake of red meat, which is our major natural dietary source of iron. You should also choose your vitamin and mineral supplements carefully. Unless you have iron-deficiency anemia, you are unlikely to benefit from extra supplemental iron, and it is absent from properly formulated dietary supplements.

    But what can you do about the iron your body has already absorbed and has now accumulated in potentially dangerous ways in your tissues?

    Read more:

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    Default Re: Excess Iron and Brain Degeneration: The Little-Known Link

    Lucky for me, I'm not actually HH, but I do load iron. I don't limit red meat at all, but I am careful not to have iron absorption boosters with it, and I also make a point to have coffee or tea with red meat or other high iron meals. Milk with meals helps too, or taking a calcium pill with such a meal.
    Its about time for me to get ferritin tested again though, so see if I'm ok to donate blood again.

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    Default Re: Excess Iron and Brain Degeneration: The Little-Known Link

    That is one of the best articles I have read on iron and brain aging. Thank you for posting this, Aaltrude — it is great to have the recommendations for natural chelating agents to help prevent iron overload.

    I found this bit fascinating:
    "We’ve long known that cranberry juice and extracts are active in preventing urinary tract infections with some of the most common pathological organisms. The traditional view has been that the extracts’ antioxidant and anti-adhesive powers are the primary mechanisms.30 New evidence shows that another way cranberry extracts work is by depriving infecting bacteria of the iron they need for survival through chelation.30,31"

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