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Thread: Selenium Stops Dementia And Other Brain Challenges

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    Default Selenium Stops Dementia And Other Brain Challenges

    Dr. Robert J. Rowen
    April 13, 2012
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    Simple mineral stops dementia
    and other brain challenges

    Do you or a loved one suffer from dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or any other cognitive challenge? If so, you might be able to slow or stop the decline with a simple mineral.

    A National Institutes of Health study followed 1,024 participants 65 and older. The researchers looked at the relationship between selenium levels in the blood and cognitive testing. They discovered that if you have higher selenium in your blood, you'll have lower risk for cognitive decline.

    This is a rather exciting addition to the wonders of this mineral. Selenium is essential for normal thyroid function. It participates in glutathione metabolism. Certain forms, particularly sodium selenite, have astounding anti-cancer properties. And selenium irreversibly binds to and inactivates mercury, which could be one reason it helps with cognitive function.

    Please be sure that you are getting 200 mcg of selenium daily. My preferred form of selenium is sodium selenite for the above reasons. It's readily available online and in many health food stores. And it's the amount in Healthy Resolve.

    Even if your combination of supplements nets you 400 mcg daily, I've not seen any problems at that level in 24 years of using selenium.

    Yours for better health and medical freedom,
    Robert J. Rowen, MD

    Ref: Mov Disord, 2010; 25(12): 1909-15.

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    Default Re: Selenium Stops Dementia And Other Brain Challenges

    The antioxidant properties of selenium make this mineral perfect for fighting the destructive free radicals associated with various forms of cognitive decline. Selenium occurs in both inorganic and organic forms. The body can use both. However, the organic form, known as selenomethionine, apparently is more absorbable and very high levels have proven non-toxic. Sodium selenite--mentioned above--and sodium selenate are both "inorganic" forms, usually found in most supplements. While selenium is found in varying amounts in beef, poultry, brazil nuts, etc., getting selenium from dietary sources is a real guessing game because much of the soil throughout the U.S. and other countries are deficient in the mineral. So, supplementation is almost a must if you're taking selenium to deal with a health problem, like cognitive decline.

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    Default Re: Selenium Stops Dementia And Other Brain Challenges

    Right, Mr. Wizard. We had to make sure our sheep had trace mineral salt blocks because their grain was grown in the Midwest, where soils are deficient in selenium. (BTW, that was before GM grain was invented).
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